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Presswork Range & Tooling

• We pride ourselves on our high-speed presses, offering a capacity of up to 160 tons. We manufacture precision pressings in every possible type of ferrous and non-ferrous metal and in quantities to suit whatever customers require. Our well-equipped press shop boasts a range of automatic power presses from 18 ton to 160-ton capacity. All of our automatic blanking presses are equipped with full CNC press controls, roll feeds and strip levellers.

• Our investment in press control systems enables us to produce parts quickly and efficiently with minimal changeover times. Our secondary operation manual presses range from 10 ton to 100-ton capacity, some of which are equipped with die cushions for deep drawn components

• All heat treatments and surface treatments available.

• Within our pressings division we also maintain a fully equipped tool-room with two dedicated toolmakers, capable of producing multi-progression tooling at competitive prices. Working in conjunction with our Cad system (SolidWorks) we are able to offer full tooling design & manufacture from prototype to full production tooling.



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