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Introducing Our Latest Investment

Introducing Our Latest Investment

Introducing our latest investment, the new Wafio’s FMU 20+ has given us more flexibility throughout our production with a variety of tooling configurations for slide ways, Rotary units and winding tools enabling us further to vary and expand our production of Torsion, double torsion, wire forming capabilities within a  0.4mm to 2.0mm wire range.

The new generation of drives and motors now give high speed production whilst maintaining the very high standards we expect of our products. We have also invested in a high performance Optical camera measuring system which gives us added confidence of supplying Zero defect parts to our Customers.   

User friendly software helps with speedy setup times reducing downtime and increasing our efficiency thus creating extra capacity throughout our shop floor.

IQspring technology built into the software of the machine enables a simulation of the production process with automatic collision control and optimisation facility helping us to get the most out of our production.

With the high production output while  maintaining our zero defect policy this FMU 20+  we will remain at the forefront of what is a very competitive market.

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