About Vernier

About Vernier Springs & Pressings



The Vernier Springs & Pressings company of Redditch has established itself as a market leader, with an enviable reputation for precision and reliability ever since commencing business in 1957.
The Vernier team has always been committed to quality. We maintain an ongoing programme of investment in high technology production and testing equipment, while applying the latest quality management systems.

Working to customer drawings and specifications, we supply precision springs, pressings, wire forms & assemblies in small or large volumes, to many of today’s key industries. These range from automotive, control and instrumentation, electrical and electronic to hardware, home entertainment and medical. Vernier supply springs and presswork world-wide.

On time, every time.

Quality & service first

Our total quality philosophy throughout the  organisation means that we are fully committed to the delivery of a continuously improving product and service to all our customers. We achieve this by adopting the latest quality and manufacturing techniques, encouraging a team approach involving all of our employees and total customer satisfaction gained through the excellence of our product and service.

We achieved registration to ISO TS 16949 in May 2004. We were awarded the Investors in People in 1997 and our current aim is to achieve ISO 14001.

All of our production, quality and technical support teams have been trained in the latest quality techniques and, with the rigorous implementation of SPC and the installation of state of the art computerised testing equipment all the customers’ needs and requirements can be met.